Natalia Fischer has written another page in the history of the national MTB. After winning the XCM European Championship a few months ago, it has just become the first Spanish woman to step on the podium of a bike-marathon World Championship, achieving the bronze medal. The extremely tough test held at the elba island It has allowed him to hang the bronze on a podium of many carats and with a spectacular starting grid.

The hardness has been the protagonist of XCM World Championship, whose female career ended with the surprising triumph of the Austrian Mona mitterwallner, who adds a world title in his first year and in a long and tough career like few others. After her came the Polish Maja Włoszczowska that, in the season of its retirement, it is shining until the last day.

But the best news of the day came with the third place in Natalia Fisher. The track, without long climbs, was not the best for her, but the hardness accumulated in the race worked in her favor. The runner from Estepona made a spectacular race to become the first Spanish to get on the podium of the world championship. Just a few weeks ago, the gold medal at the European Championship, with which Natalia Fischer closes a spectacular season.

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