The City Council of Estepona has approved today in plenary session the ‘II equality plan’ to continue with its commitment that situations of gender discrimination do not occur at the municipal level and a The audit carried out for the prior diagnosis certifies that this type of assumption is not recorded in the Consistory.

The councilor attached to the Personnel area, Estefanía Liñán, has indicated that the document, which has been agreed with all union sections with representation in the Consistory, contemplates a series of measures that guarantee that the values ​​and principles of equality continue to be present in all public policies.

The II Equality Plan aims to integrate and promote the principle of equality in matters such as access to employment, selection, promotion and female representation; the training, professional classification and conditions of work; in addition to other specific measures related to the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.

For the preparation of this document, which has been processed since last November, a comprehensive diagnosis of the situation and position of women and men inside the City Hall to detect the presence of discrimination and inequalities that required adopting a series of measures for its elimination and correction.

The municipal person in charge of Personnel has highlighted that the audit that was carried out for the previous diagnosis certified that in the Consistory there are no cases of gender discrimination. In addition, he recalled that since 2012, the Estepona City Council anticipated any legal obligation a decade by presenting its I Municipal Equality Plan, that has been developed during the last decade and that was in force until now.

The mayor of Personnel has pointed out that the II Equality Plan, which also includes public policies to give visibility to non-discrimination by genderis reinforced with other actions carried out in other municipal delegations such as the protocols against gender violence, workshops in educational centerstraining campaigns and activities with women’s associations.

The II Equality Plan, which will have a validity of four years and which will be automatically extended until the approval of a new document, will have a monitoring and evaluation commission to analyze progress with respect to equality goals.

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