The National Court (AN) has called several defendants to testify this Monday in the framework of the investigation it is carrying out into the Swedish plot in Marbella for alleged drug trafficking, among which is a former escort of the mayoress Ángeles Muñoz, Rafael Gallego Guerrero, and the alleged “front man” of the stepson, Nils Anders Fisher, who have visited the facilities to collect the writ of prosecution, as specified by the Madrid court.

The two are being prosecuted for allegedly belonging to “a criminal organization led by citizens of Swedish nationality settled in Spain, with members of German and Polish nationality, dedicated to drug trafficking, mainly hashish and marijuana”. Also prosecuted in the case are the councilor’s husband, businessman Lars Broberg, and his son, Joakim Peter Broberg, who is considered the “boss” of the network, as determined by the judge of the court Instruction Center 6 of the National Court after concluding the instruction, according to the indictment, issued on September 29 and to which this newspaper has had access.

In this way, the court continues with the appeal to the defendants, and this Monday they were summoned Rafael Gallego Guerrero, Nils Anders Fischer and another implicated by “videoconference” in the courts of Marbella, where at least the first two “have gone to the inquiry statementthat is, to be notified of the prosecution ”, they have specified from the AN.

The visit to the courthouse is preceded by the quote by Joakim Peter Brobergwho went last Thursday, November 17, to pick up the indictment, and “as has been done in previous days with other investigated parties”, both defendants “have appeared before the Central Court of Instruction 6 of the National Court” for the inquiry statement.

A) Yes, the former bodyguard of the mayoress of Marbellawho is being prosecuted in the case of her husband, gave a statement this Monday morning before the Court of the National High Court in charge of the investigation, where she was asked if you have been served with the indictment, if it is ratified in the statements he has given and if you want to add something else, according to what judicial sources have specified to Málaga Hoy.

The accused has confirmed that the car has been notified to him and is satisfied with the explanations he gave in his day, these sources have detailed, which have also assured that he has answered several questions that his lawyer has asked him.

Gallego is prosecuted by the National Court for an alleged crime of “bribery” for allegedly facilitating “information restricted to police use” to Joakim Peter Broberg at his request, in his capacity as “Local Police in Marbella”, and “in exchange for cash”, as can be seen from the telephone interventions carried out in the framework of the investigation into the stepson of the mayoress, which reveals the order of prosecution.

The judicial document indicates that the crime of bribery is “provided for and punished in article 419 et seq. of the Penal Code”, which contemplates “a prison sentence of three to six yearsa fine of twelve to twenty-four months, and special disqualification for employment or public office and for the exercise of the right of passive suffrage for a period of nine to twelve years with respect to Rafael Gallego Guerrero” if “the facts reported were proven in the act of the oral trial.”

for his partNils Anders Fisher is prosecuted for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking” and is considered by the National Court as the alleged “front man” and “trusted person” of Joakim Broberg, according to the indictment. Likewise, it is linked to the company Codecosol, to which the Marbella City Council awarded up to five works -three of them by negotiated procedure with advertising between 2011 and 2013-, according to what was published by, and which was recognized on November 8 by the Deputy Mayor of San Pedro and at that time Councilor for Works, Javier García, while defending the legality of the procedures.

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