The Apymespa Association, in collaboration with the AMPS, will distribute 2,000 discount cards for school supplies to the families of the Marbella town of San Pedro de Alcantara. In this way, the small and medium sampedreños businesses and the family economies I know will support before the return of the next school year 2021/2022.

Is already the thirteenth edition in which this school discount card project is carried out, a proposal to which they have joined 24 establishments, among which are businesses in dentistry, computing, stationery, uniforms, footwear and languages, which will offer discounts up to 15 percent. These establishments can be consulted at the following link.

Regarding the delivery of these cards, will facilitate to sampedreñas families through the AMPAS. «Our goal is for there to be a double benefit for families and for the local economy ”, concluded Ana Garcia, president of the Apymespa Association, which has started the project in view of the imminent incorporation of the youngest to the school.

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