It’s been over a year since John David Vargasa 28-year-old delivery man, died after being run over by a driver who was traveling in the opposite direction in the Puerto Banús area. The alleged person responsible for the collision was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention without bail. Although, just a month later she was released on bail pending the trial.

The delay and the release of the alleged perpetrator The death of the delivery man keeps his brother in suspense, who assures that he does not understand the situation. “It’s been more than a year since my brother died, this lady is still on the street and nothing happens,” he denounces.

The lawyer for the family of Juan David Vargas, Manuel Domínguez, informs this newspaper that the investigation is still open, in the instruction phaseY There is still no date for the trial. Domínguez explains that the head of the Investigating Court number 5 of Marbella has changed, a situation that he attributes to the judicial delay.

In relation to the release of the alleged perpetrator, Domínguez explains that the woman’s lawyer filed an appeal and the Provincial Court of Malaga determined that the necessary guarantees were met for her to remain in custody. bail.

Although some were imposed precautionary measures such as the obligation to appear in court from time to time and the withdrawal of the passport, among others.

The alleged person responsible for the accident, of English nationality, is charged with five crimes, including felony reckless homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. Judicial sources reported at the time that the judge also charged him with reckless driving, refusal to take a breathalyzer test and leaving the scene of the accident.

Juancho, as his family called him, arrived in Spain five years ago because, in the words of his family, “life in his country was very difficult.” He lived in an apartment in Marbella with a woman who had children in his care. “He was very happy because he had very recently obtained a residence permit,” his sister-in-law told this newspaper between sobs. The deceased young man was her husband’s brother. He had already worked in another company and, now, he had in mind “look for a different option” to obtain more income and be able to assume the rent of the house in which he lived.

The night he lost his life on the road he was on his way to do a service, although he does not know exactly what his job was as rider. “I was going to distribute. The Police found the application and saw the contact that there was. We are certain that I was working and during business hours”the woman recounted.

In addition to the Police, police officers went to the accident area. firefighters to douse the flames of the motorcycle on which Juan David was traveling and of the vehicle with which he impacted, which caused several kilometers of retentions on the highway towards San Pedro Alcántara.

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