The patron saint festivities on the occasion of the celebration of San Luis in Sabinillas, organized by the department of festivities, left leaving many moments of laughter and fun, since they began last Thursday, the feast of the patron saint of Sabinillas.

Since that day began with the charanga and the liturgical acts prepared by the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Carmen and San Luis de Sabinillas, together with the culture delegation of the Manilva City Council, there have been many activities that have been carried out throughout these days and which neighbors and visitors have wanted to enjoy.

The highlight, without a doubt, has been the good atmosphere prevailing in all the activities prepared by the party delegation led by the mayor, Daniel Muñoz, who has been able to verify the desire for fun of the citizens, after a pandemic, which left us two years without this celebration.

The Holi Colors festival, as well as the water festival, aimed at audiences of all ages, the orchestras that have enlivened Plaza Vicente Espinel every night, the great performances by Silvia Pantoja, Manolo Marmol or Mr. Proper, the School of Corporal Expression of Jéssica Quiñones, and above all, the desire for fun of the citizens, have made this a great party, in which we have all enjoyed and from which we take great memories.

The commerce of this nucleus has also noticed it and there have been many who have overturned hiring performances that made these holidays even more attractive.

The mayor, Daniel Muñoz, was very pleased to have achieved what he wanted most, to return the fun to our neighbors and also to all those who spend their holidays with us and who leave the town with the desire to return next year. .

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