When a month is about to be completed since the Sierra Bermeja fire was declared last September 8 has not yet been declared extinct by the INFOCA. His current state is that of ‘checked‘, and on the ground several Environmental agents and a score of forest firefighters from outstanding endowments in the province of Malaga.

The tasks that these personnel carry out are those of «auction and settlement«, While environmental agents and technicians carry out a surveillance of the affected areas to avoid revival from the flames. The latter also assess on the ground the next actions that will be launched to help the regeneration of the biodiversity of the area devastated by the flames.

The one in Sierra Bermeja has been a fire considered of ‘sixth generation‘and therefore unique in its characteristics. Therefore, everything that revolves around him is being approached with extreme caution by the INFOCA. And it is that this fire has already more than demonstrated its behavior totally unpredictable.

The incident, which began on September 8, devastated some 10,000 hectares of mount. Caused the evacuation of more than 2,600 persons residents in several municipalities and also the death of a person: the forest firefighter Carlos Martinez Haro, who died in the extinction tasks.

The September 14 It was taken for granted after the rains that fell the night before, and for the moment it is still in that state. On the other hand, the expert reports of the technicians have confirmed that the origin of the fire was deliberate, for which a court in Ronda has opened an investigation at the request of the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, in order to identify the guilty or guilty and clarify the facts.

In principle, the fire has all aggravating factors contemplated by the Penal Code (death of people, damage to protected areas, risk to human life and flora and fauna, proximity to population centers, adverse meteorological and orographic conditions, etc.), so those responsible could face penalties of between 10 and 20 years in prison.

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