Two weeks have passed since the Sierra Bermeja fire was declared, on September 8, and still it has not been declared extinct. The claim is in the ‘controlled’ phase, and 36 forest firefighters are still working for their auction and liquidation, which gives an idea of ​​its complexity.

According to provisional data provided by the Junta de Andalucía, the fire has devastated 9,670 hectares in 8 municipalities, and 150 hectares only of chestnut trees. In addition, it has affected 110 kilometers of channels and streams. The fire caused the eviction of 2,670 people and the deployment of 1,100 troops, including the Military Emergency Unit (UME), as well as the 51 air means.

During extinguishing tasks a forest firefighter died INFOCA, and one of the personnel transport helicopters suffered an accident while landing, although its 19 occupants were unharmed.

The Minister of Agriculture and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo placeholder image, has confirmed that after the emergency, “we will proceed to adjudicate the emergency and subsequently to the reforestation with native species»Of the affected area, in order to prevent the rains from eroding the soil by lack of vegetation.

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