A total of seventeen aircraft has been incorporated with first lights of this Saturday to fight against the fire declared last Wednesday in Sierra Bermeja -which affects the municipalities of Estepona, Genalguacil and Jubrique-, where conditions “have been more favorable” in the last hours and leaves a number of evacuees of 1,054 people.

The Infoca plan to fight forest fires has indicated that work has been done on the right flank of the fire, “determining eintervening already in several areas of opportunity “.

This work is complemented with the incorporation of the first aerial means.

During the neight other forty people have been evicted of a dozen homes in the Malaga municipality of Estepona as consequence of the fall of firecrackers.

With the last evicted at dawn from Friday to Saturday in the Los Quiñones area, south of the Cuesta de Ronda de Estepona, the cThe number of evacuees amounts to a total of 1,054 people.

The fire fighting services have continued to work overnight to try to put out the fire, declared level 2 on Friday morning, in which An Infoca firefighter has died and around 4,000 hectares of forest area has burned.

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