The City Council of Marbella will install 7 video surveillance cameras in Plaza de la Libertad and Plaza de la Iglesia of San Pedro Alcántara in the first phase of the project, which will start in October, a measure with which it intends to “increase the security and tranquility of the neighbors” of the population center in enclaves where the commission of “criminal acts” is registered, as announced on Tuesday by the deputy mayor of San Pedro, Javier García.

The municipal official has highlighted that this action is carried out after obtaining “the authorization of the Subdelegation of the Government”, which is part of the first phase of the installation of video surveillance cameras in San Pedro Alcántara, which in his opinion is “a first step” for the implementation of this service.

As pointed out by the mayor, the location of these recording devices is decided based on the “existing complaints” in certain points of the population center, as well as the existence of “municipal buildings” have served as arguments for the installation of video surveillance cameras.

Thus, he explained that the first phase will include the installation of 7 cameras in spaces such as, on the one hand, liberty square after the demand of the neighbors to be a place of leisure, and on the other, “the perimeter of the central headquarters of the Office of the Mayor of San Pedro Alcántara”.

Specifically, García has detailed that in the Liberty Square will be placed three cameras distributed between the Urban Planning headquarters, both on the front and rear façades, pointing out that at this last point “there is a narrow alley where some drug dealing crimes take place and we want to have the area under control”; as well as in the municipal building of Art and Culture.

Refering to The church squarehas specified that they will put four video surveillance camerastwo of them in “the facade of the Mayor’s Office” and that will record the public space, and another two in the back, where there is “an area with problems”, he pointed out.

To develop the first phase of video surveillance in San Pedro Alcántara, there will be a budget of “48,000 euros”, and contemplates “small pipes” or the “installation of cameras, which will be panoramic and multisensory with 180 degree coverage”. Likewise, the recording devices will be connected with the “central system of the Local Police Headquarters of marbella”, whose images will be provided to the National Police and will be active “24 hours for 30 days.”

After this period, the deputy mayor of San Pedro de San Pedro has indicated that the “destruction” of the images based on the Data Protection Laws, for which he has pointed out that “it is essential that people who have access to it is very restricted”.

Regarding the procedure, he pointed out that “cameras are ordered”, the installation of the system is being carried out now and they have “a term of 45 days”, for which they have estimated that the service will enter “up and running next October.

The deputy mayor of San Pedro de San Pedro has assessed that the installation of these audiovisual devices will mean “increase the safety and tranquility of the residents of San Pedro” in enclaves wherethere are criminal acts that cause concern”.

On the other hand, García has advanced that the second phase of video surveillance in San Pedro will consist of cameras with license plate readers that will be installed in the Industrial Estate and in the accesses of San Pedro, with a view to “control and surveillance” of these points. The project has EDUSI funds and a budget “above 600,000 euros”, has specified.

Thus, it has been reported that it is currently in “period of drafting the specifications” and later the second phase of video surveillance will be “tendered”, for which he hopes that “in 2023 it will be a reality”detailing that with these license plate readers it will be possible to “reduce existing complaints”, as well as identify vehicles whose owners engage in criminal practices.

Regarding the location of these cameras, it has indicated that They will be installed on the Boulevard, in Las Petunias, in Guadalmina, on Pablo Ruiz Picasso Avenue and in all the entrance and exit accesses to San Pedro Alcántara, for which “optic fiber will be implemented and the connection of all these points with the municipal departments”.

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