The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, today held a meeting with representatives of Cáritas de Divina Pastora to inform them about the project of the first public residence for the elderly in Marbella, which will be located in the estate of Trapiche del Prado, and that it will have 80 places for residents. “It is an association that has always defended the need for the city to have equipment of these characteristics and we wanted its members to know first-hand and in detail the proposal of the City Council,” said the councilor, who recalled that the work , that is currently in the bidding phase, is financed “with funds that come from the work to recover assets, which we have promoted in recent years, from judicial proceedings for corruption with final judgment.”

The first mayor has indicated that they will respond to a historical demand with an infrastructure of more than 3,000 square meters, which will open its doors a year and a half after the rehabilitation work begins and will have 80 places for residents in the first phase: “The process has not been easy, but we have succeeded, and our goal is that the The number of users will increase to 128 in later phases, in a building that will have an area for elderly dependents, in the west area, and another for independent people, in the northern part and will be located in a privileged environment, with wonderful views of the sea and large gardens”.

For her part, the president of Cáritas de Divina Pastora, Rafaela Sánchez, stated that they are very satisfied with the project being promoted by the City Council “because it responds to our requests and we believe that it is suitable, since it is a residence that will allow the elderly of Marbella to spend their last years of life in a magnificent enclosure, which is located in the urban center itself and in which they will not feel isolated”.

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