He former mayor of Mijas and PP candidate in this municipality on the Costa del Sol, Ángel Nozal, is summoned to testify as being investigated by the Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella on June 5 in relation to the Cashier case.

The court has opened preliminary proceedings against Nozal after proceeding with a complaint filed by a community of neighbors of Marbella, in which it is indicated that the popular ex-mayor would have allegedly signed the rental contract for a space in the urbanization in December 2017 “acting on supposed representation” of the property, but “without power to do so”.

On the date of signing the document, Angel Nozal “He was not listed as an administrator” of the complainant community and that position was held by his partner, Michelle van Gaalen, also investigated for a crime of document and accounting falsification in the same urbanization and who will testify on the 20th of this month.

The complainants also explain in the text that gives rise to the proceedings that the rent agreed in the contract in which Nozal appears as “the landlord” does not coincide with that received and that according to “the accounts presented at each year-end closing (…) there is an income from this rent that is lower than agreed”, which would translate into “a loss” for the community.

Another aspect in which the complaining owners emphasize is the account that appears in the original document as an account for the payment of rent, whose ownership they do not know, so they do not know “if it belongs to the community or not”.

From the environment of the investigated they have assured EFE that the name of Nozal appears by mistake both in the rental agreement December 2017as in a later annex that would have been signed on November 19, 2020.

And from Servicios Alcantara -the property management company founded by the former mayor and popular candidate before starting his political career and now run by his partner- they have provided EFE with a copy of a document dated October 21, 2022 with which – They assure – the president of the community, Gianni Fieno -investigated together with Van Gaalen-, would validate both documents.

It is not the first time that Nozal and Van Gaalen have been involved in a court casesince being the popular mayor of Mijas they were linked to the case of the Express Auctions within the Town Hall of the town.

This matter was archived due to an error in the computation of the investigation deadlines and it was not judged, for which reason a Civil Guard report that pointed to the existence of an auction network in the consistory and that indicated, among others, the then mayor and the treasurer.

On the other hand, the Mijas Town Hall has requested 12 years of disqualification special employment or public office for Ángel Nozal for the alleged commission of a continued crime of administrative prevarication in the Sobresueldos case.

The list headed by Nozal for the elections, still far from being the most voted, could rule mercy to post-electoral pacts, so he could be in charge of the same city council that is asking for his disqualification.

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