When the fire that devastated Sierra Bermeja affecting 8 municipalities is not yet fully extinguished, the Government of Pedro Sánchez has already acted with the greatest measure of help that can be arbitrated, the Declaration of ASPA (Area seriously affected by civil protection emergency, the former declaration of Catastrophic Zone).

The declaration as ASPA will allow those affected to benefit from a series of measures and aid aimed at alleviating both personal and material damage in housing and fixtures and in industrial, commercial, agrarian, and other service establishments.

The declaration also includes aid to natural or legal persons who have made personal and property benefits, as well as to local corporations in their recovery efforts in areas devastated by fire.

Once the General Administration of the State has a report with the damage estimation produced, which will be carried out in collaboration with the rest of the competent regional and local administrations, this agreement may incorporate other complementary measures to those adopted by the territorial administrations, which are responsible for civil protection matters.

Although there is still no definitive estimate of the damage caused, the central government has assessed that the magnitude of its effects, the Measures adopted to restore the living conditions of the population and achieve the full restoration of public services essential justify the intervention of the General State Administration.

Executive sources have ensured that the technical services of Civil Protection have already contacted the affected municipalities, in order to obtain a first assessment of the damages.

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