The spokesman for the government team of marbellaFélix Romero, announced this Friday that the City Council has filed a notarial request to the local PSOE to manifest the reason for the possession and use of some emails released in the press on contracting works of the Consistory and that the socialist formation took to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

Romero, who has appeared at a press conference, has indicated that the request has been made to the socialist councilor José Bernal and that You have two days to explain the origin of some emails whose collection and dissemination “may constitute possible crimes, such as the disclosure of secrecy, as it is a supposed private correspondence”.

The mayor added that the City Council also asks the PSOE to indicate whether it has provided the municipal email chain to a media outlet and that he deliver the flash drive and the note with the instructions to access its content “in order to be able to identify the public employee who could have made improper use of the documentation.”

“The Consistory has the obligation to preserve the integrity of its files, the security of the same and the adequate treatment of the documentation and information to which they have access, by reason of their position or function, public employees. Once we have a response to this letter, criminal actions will be filed against whomever it corresponds,” Romero said.

The mayor has pointed out that the PSOE used the emails to file a complaint in 2017 that the public ministry archived when not finding evidence of a crime. According to the councilman, the socialist formation has hidden the resolution of the complaint for five years.

For Romero, “the opposition is carrying out a process of personal lynching and disqualification of the mayor -Ángeles Muñoz- to try to win with bad arts what he does not get at the polls”. “It is what he does every time municipal elections are approaching”, he added.

According to the municipal spokesman, the PSOE offers a “strange and bizarre” version of the way in which it had access to allegedly private information five years ago and has pointed out that “instead of communicating it to the City Council, he used it to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office that was filed as it was not appreciated that its content could be considered criminal.”

“Marbella and San Pedro need to know”, assures the PSOE

The Socialist Councilor Javier Porcuna has urged the mayor to respond “categorically and emphatically if it was habitual or not that her husband sent her budgets for works for companies that later turned out to be the winners”.

“That is what Marbella and San Pedro need to know”, Porcuna pointed out, while lamenting that “the PP and Muñoz, with the collusion and complicity of the regional and national PP, have once again placed the city in the worst moments of its history”.

“The issues that are now being settled in the courts will be criminally and civilly liable that are yet to be seen, as well as the policies”, added the socialist mayor.

He has pointed out that the PSOE “does not participate in the dirty game of the PP” and that if the local government wants to find the origin of the emails about the contracting of works of the Consistory “that it investigate between who received them or wrote them”. “The opposite would be to accuse us of a crime and here the only one over whom the shadow of doubt weighs is the mayor,” he pointed out.

Porcuna has ensured that “in the PSOE has not received any notarial requirement and, according to the information in the press, to know the data they are requesting, they should ask the mayor for her email password and search for it”.

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