The subdelegate of the Government, Javier Salas, reiterated this Saturday that the State Security Forces and Bodies are investigating the origin of the Sierra Bermeja fire, which affects about 5,000 hectares. “As in all cases and with the professionalism that I highlight from the National Police and the Civil Guard, I am sure that they will find those responsible or the person in charge, if it has been intentional; and of course, you will pay the consequences if so“.

However, he added that “I think the prudent thing to do is not comment on anything about the investigation what is he forCome to fruition and succeed and let the professionals work, who are investigating the origin of the fire, “he said.

Precisely, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has stated this Saturday that the fire brigade has transferred that in the two sources of the great fire in Sierra Bermeja, in the province of Malaga, the same method has been found: “two little piles of litter and a pineapple on top, lit with a lighter”, so that everything indicates that it was “intentional”, waiting for the investigation to be carried out to confirm it definitively.

The subdelegate, for his part, has been sure that “the investigation will go forward and we will obtain fruit. Let’s hope it’s as short as possible. “” Right now, obviously, not just the research, the priority is in the fire “, he said, highlighting the collaborative work carried out by the Security Forces and Bodies. He has also had words of gratitude for the citizen collaboration.

Salas has reiterated that the priority of the State Security Forces and Corps is both “security work within the fire and the investigation, which will give results. “

On the other hand, in relation to the device, it has grateful for the work and effort to the staff, “that is in the work of extinguishing the fire, both for Infoca, as well as for other communities, as well as for the Ministry”, laggravating the death of the forest firefighter on duty.

He has also highlighted “the commitment “of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, of the Government of Spain, reiterating the Offer of all the means available to the Central Executive for the extinction of the fire.

He recalled that, currently, Government deployed there are six amphibious aircraft, four Kamov helicopters and, since this past Friday, a Brigade of Reinforcement of Forest Intervention of Toledo and another of Cáceres, with two helicopters each, and with the ground personnel “who are also helping to extinguish the fire, in addition, in an area of ​​considerable difficulty”, thanking them for their professionalism.

At this point, he has once again emphasized that from the Ministry, “and the president of the Board knows it, I reiterate it continuously, we have all the means that require us available to stop and act in the fire, “of which he said,” is from great dimension and complexity as we could also verify yesterday with the difficulty and danger that the situation had; and that, fortunately, today it seems that it is not so complicated, “he concluded.

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