The central government will invest 9.5 million euros in the new police station of the Marbella National Police, as indicated this Wednesday by the deputy delegate of the Government in Malaga, Javier Salas.

The subdelegate, who has participated in the Local Security Board together with the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, and members of the local government team, the National Police Corps, the Civil Guard and the Local Police, has indicated that the equipment It will be located on a plot provided by the City Council in the area of ​​La Torrecila, in the northern part of the municipality.

The project will enter the writing phase, which “is good news for Marbella,” said Salas, who has highlighted different investments of the central administration in the municipality, such as 15.9 million in improvements to the beaches or actions on the A-7 highway.

“We are making progress so that Marbella continues to be a tourist reference at a Spanish and global level. It is important advance security because that same security is what makes tourists come and enjoy its beaches and its city, “he explained.

“The Secretary of State for Security is already working on the project. The Government has a commitment with the city of Marbella to improve the service to citizens and the infrastructures of the National Police Force,” Salas added.

For its part, Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has highlighted the presentation of the preliminary project to install in “those most sensitive points” of the population center of San Pedro Alcántara video surveillance cameras of the National and Local Police. Among these locations, Muñoz has highlighted the Plaza de La Libertad, Marqués del Duero street or in the vicinity of the Mayor’s Office.

The City Council will send a project report with more information to implement the security devices, explained the councilor, while indicating that “we want to have there cameras that help crime prevention. In San Pedro there is a lot of interest in this coming out and I am convinced that it will come out, “she said.

He also highlighted that the City Council has made available to the central government a plot of more than 7,000 square meters of surface area for the construction of the units of the National Police Station and has requested a “bet” on the part of the central Administration to improve the coastline of the municipality.

“These are demanded and necessary projects that have to move forward with all the institutional loyalty and cooperation and collaboration that have always prevailed in the relationships we have had. It is about the projects coming out. And if we have to make a common approach, all the better because it will mean that the objective is fair, as in this case, and supported by both administrations, “he explained.

Crime data

Salas has indicated that serious and less serious crimes have decreased by 3.71% between 2019 and 2021, while all crimes have fallen by 3.48%. “If we count all the serious, less serious and minor crimes, that is, the total of criminal offenses, the decrease reaches 3.61%”, he pointed out.

The Government Subdelegate stressed that Marbella is “a safe environment because these positive data show that the city is safe”, which is why he congratulated the National Police Yet the Civil Guard for their work and has highlighted the collaboration of the Local police.

“The inclusion of Malaga in the Campo de Gibraltar Plan to combat drug trafficking is assuming greater pressure against organized crime and drug trafficking in the area of ​​the western coast of our province, “Salas stressed, while indicating that this Plan has meant” better material means and more police officers in the area. to fight drug trafficking and organized crime. “

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