The Government of Spain has ordered the creation of a work team to proceed with the refund of all fines imposed to citizens during the first state of alarm for coronavirus. In addition, annul the files that were still being processed by the administrationThis has been communicated by sources from the Ministry of Territorial Policy to Europa Press.

The Constitutional Court declared that the first state of alarm was unconstitutional, therefore, the Executive has created work teams with all the sub-delegations and delegations of the Government, Tax Agency, Economy Delegation, the Public Treasury and Territorial Policy.

In this sense, with the advice of computer equipment, the Government will return the amount that was charged in the sanctions imposed in compliance with the state of alarm. To do this, a mechanism will be enabled for citizens to enter a bank account from which to carry out the transaction.

The pandemic carried more than a million fines

The state of alarm enabled the State Security Forces and Bodies, including regional and local police, the ability to punish citizens who did not comply with home confinement. However, last July, the Constitutional Court declared this measure unconstitutional.

Finally, they were 1,142,127 fines imposed throughout Spain in the first state of alarm, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior provided in March. For this reason, the Government delegations processed these files as a result of the sanction proposals processed by the National Police, the Civil Guard and regional and local bodies. It corresponded, therefore, to the strictest home confinement and the fines processed by the Citizen Security Law, known as the ‘gag law’.

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