The five-star hotel Guadalpín Banús, located in Marbella, has restoration service in the poolwhere breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to the clients staying to normalize the activity after the closure of the kitchens and terraces last Monday due to a judicial release order issued by the Commercial Court number 1 of Malaga .

The director of the establishment, Ramón Pons, has indicated that since the closure “we try to make the activity as normal as possible, within the extreme abnormality in which we are living, and that our clients suffer as little as possible from the lack of facilities”, with a hotel that registers a high occupancy rate in the month of July.

Thus, he has indicated that the breakfast and lunch service is being carried out in the pool “with great professionalism, work and effort” and “it is currently being achieved that the clients do not leave and stay in the hotel”, adding that there is “a self service that is being carried out 24 hours a day and services that we continue to maintain”.

The terraces of the Guadalpín Banús hotel sealed after the execution of the launch.

The terraces of the Guadalpín Banús hotel sealed after the execution of the launch.


Maria Jesus Serrano


For her part, the CCOO Services Secretary, Lola Villalba, explained that workers continue to be registered with Social Security, so they must go to work every day and they carry out their activity in “some small kitchens that are on the pool terraces”, where “they are preparing breakfasts and meals for the clients”.

They cannot improvise a kitchen in a hoteland there they are”, pointed out the trade unionist, who stressed that this is how they “keep working” in facilities where “they have their fridge and their portable kitchen to do some things”.

Since the launch took place last Monday, the employees have doubled efforts to continue providing the restaurant service in the pool area, offering some 200 breakfasts and trying to maintain normality after moving the food to the new restaurant area.

Last Monday, the Commercial Court number 1 of Malaga executed a release order on the kitchens and terraces of the hotel, due to a complaint filed by a new owner, the company SPVwhich acquired the premises in 2019, and which has not reached an agreement with the operating company, Grisoma, to agree on the rental price of the spaces.

So this Wednesday the kitchens remain sealed and guarded by a private security device hired by the company that has acquired the property, as well as the terraces, where they have removed all the furniture that was in this outdoor area in the open air.

The evacuation of these and other common areas such as corridors, changing rooms or warehouses make jeopardize the viability of the tourist establishment in Marbellawhich has a staff of 200 employees, of which between 80 and 90 are part of the dining room and kitchen service, according to Villalba.

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