The health center of Las Lagunas de Mijasbelonging to the Costa del Sol Health District in Malaga, attended a total of 20,970 consultations during the month of July, 4,816 of which were urgent and attended to at its Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP), which represents 830 fewer emergencies than in the same month of the previous year, as reported this Thursday by the Andalusian Government.

Regarding the consultations by appointment, 16,154 have been carried out this month, assuming this activity about 33 or 34 patients daily, a figure that is within the average of the Costa del Sol district and the entire province of Malaga, and below the Andalusian average, which stands at 36 patients per day per professional. This average activity has remained stable in the last two years.

Refering to clinical delay to access a face-to-face appointment is 2.6 days for family medicine and 1.2 for pediatrics, as indicated by the Board, while highlighting that the wait for a phone appointment is 3.6 days for a family doctor and one day for the pediatrician.

All these figures describe the improvement of primary care in the health center of Las Lagunas and in the Costa del Sol District, which together has also served in July 21% less urgent consultations that the year 2021, has secured.

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) emphasizes the importance of valuing the significant effort being made by professionals after two and a half years of pandemic.

From the SAS itself, directed by the Ministry of Health and Family and with the collaboration of the health areas and districts, the necessary measures to improve and support the work of professionals and respond to the demand for care (urgent and scheduled) that citizens require. To this difficulty, we must add the lack of professionals in the employment exchanges, they have concluded from the regional Administration.

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