Hospital Costa del Sol has been a finalist for the BSH Award – Best Spanish Hospitals Awards- in the category of musculoskeletal apparatus diagnosis, which for the third consecutive year, delivered the companies Higia Benchmarking (specialized in the analysis of useful indicators for health management in Health Benchmarking 3.0-BS3) and the company Asho (national leader in the provision of coding services for hospital discharges and coding automatic ambulatory processes). In the group of general and reference hospitals in which the Costa del Sol Hospital is located, 30 centers have competed.

The objective of these awards is to value hospital excellence through the analysis of more than 250 indicators of efficiency, adequacy and quality of care, to promote benchmarking aimed at continuous improvement in the clinical management of Spanish, public and private acute hospitals.

Specifically, in this category of musculoskeletal apparatus, processes such as: hip or femur fractures, hip prostheses (primary), knee prosthesis (primary), back surgery without prosthesis, Hallux procedures, metatarsalgia and finger have been analyzed. in hammer of the foot and rest of processes of the greater diagnostic category of the musculoskeletal apparatus. On the other hand, the indicators evaluated were: mean stay index, hip or femur fractures operated within 48h after an emergency admission, surgery without admission, in-hospital complications, clinically related urgent readmissions and mortality.

The award ceremony was held this afternoon in Seville and was attended by this center, by the Surgical Medical Director, Adolfo Galán and the head of the Surgery and Traumatology Nursing unit, Purificación Alcalá.

Is about some awards especially valued by the Spanish health sector to the extent that the best results of health management and quality of care prevail.

For the managing director of the Costa del Sol Health Agency, Luisa Lorenzo, “this award is especially valued after the enormous effort, commitment and dedication of healthcare professionals who have given everything and continue to give everything. For this reason, it comes to recognize and reinforce the excellence of our staff of which I am proud, both for their professionalism and for their human qualities. Their teamwork, their enthusiasm and their special concern for excellence, quality and safety are a sign of our identity and these attributes are recognized and visualized with national awards like this one ”, he highlights.

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