Marbella City Council sponsors the I Contest of Micro-stories against Sexist Violence ‘Young people with a lot to tell’, launched by the Marbella Feminist Association with the aim of “that the group reflects its vision on abuse in today’s society and to remember the victims.” The initiative was presented today at the IES Bahía de Marbella by the president of the group, Carmen Varo; the Equality Coordinator of the educational center, Beatriz González; the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Enrique Rodríguez, and the General Director of Gender Violence, Equal Treatment and Diversity of the Junta de Andalucía, Ángel Mora.

To the contest they will be able to present all students from 4th year of Secondary, Middle Grade, Professional Training and Baccalaureate. Works may be submitted between October 20 and November 10 in text document format, with a maximum length of 200 words, to the email together with the author’s personal data (name, surname, ID, educational center, email and telephone number). The winner will receive a batch of feminist-themed books, like all the participating institutes.

The councilor explained that the project has been financed with 2,300 euros within the framework of the line of subsidies granted by the delegation and has trusted that “it will be the first time of many due to the importance of continuing to combat sexist violence in our society” . In this sense, he has emphasized the important role of young people “who at certain times are being part more of the problem than of the solution.” “This contest will help you to make a self-reflection on their positioning and on some behaviors that are sometimes normalized”, He pointed out.

For his part, Varo has affirmed that gender violence “is a scourge that cannot be eradicated without education and without the commitment of young people” and has stressed that the purpose of the contest is to “sow a seed” with the vocation of continuity. At this point, he has drawn attention to the fact that the last gender macro-survey “showed worrying indices that there is much more violence and greater ignorance in the youth than in the elderly, which indicates that something has not been done well” .

Finally, Mora has also alluded to the “chilling” data in the report, which alludes to the fact that one in five young men denies the existence of sexist violence. “We believe that we have taken one step forward but if we neglect we take two steps backward,” he remarked, while emphasizing the increase, for example, in vicarious violence. “This contest is very important because it will make young people reconsider,” he argued, just as he valued “the union of the third sector and education against this scourge.”

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