This Sunday, October 31, the city will host the I ‘Villa de Estepona’ Cycling Trophy, which will be scored for the Provincial Circuit of Malaga Carretera Escuelas 2021.

The competition, which is organized by the Estepona City Council, the Virgen del Carmen Cycling Club and the Andalusian Cycling FederationIt will start at 10:00 am from the Fair and Sports Park. The categories will participate male and female of promise, beginner, fry and infant that will score for the circuit and for the cadet that will not score.

The competition will offer two different circuits, one of 1.07 kilometers for the promise and beginner categories, and another of 1.89 kilometers for fingerlings, children and cadets. For their part, runners born in 2015 or later will perform a gymkhana in accordance with the provisions of the circuit regulations.

Those interested in participating must register before October 28 through the website, provided that the maximum number of participants that is set in 150 runners. The price is 2 euros for federated runners and 7 euros for non-federated ones.

Those runners who have not registered on the date, may do so the same day of the test by paying an extra increase of 2 euros, as long as there are free places.

The race office for the collection of numbers and registrations will remain open from 08:30 to 09:30 in the Fair and Sports Park.

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