The regional operational director of the INFOCA Plan, Juan Sánchez, has confirmed that the Los Reales fir forest has been saved for the most part, and that it is “the only ravine that has not burned”, thanks to its own configuration and that the firewalls “worked.”

Sánchez has stated that «sWe will continue to know the pinsapar as we know it«, Without prejudice to the fact that any tree in the environment may have been affected by the flames. In any case, “the great mass of Spanish fir has been saved.”

The INFOCA chief also acknowledges that conditions have improved because the wind blows lightly and it is more humid, although the situation could get worse this afternoon, and that the risk of forming the dreaded pyrocumulus.

Juan Sánchez has highlighted the difficulty and conditions in which INFOCA troops have to work, due to the orography of the land, which forces them to extinguish the flames practically manually, with shovels and fire extinguishers.

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