The International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol returns to Estepona with more force than ever, from September 5 to 11, in its commitment to culture in the region and celebrating, after a while without carrying them out, the gastronomic days in both Estepona and Benahavís. A cultural festival that was presented today at the headquarters of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol where the president of the entity and mayor of Benahavís, José Antonio Mena, the actress María Barranco, the director of the Festival, Julio Peces, the director of the Unicornio association, Isabel López, and the deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area of ​​Estepona, Begoña Ortiz.

The XXII edition that will feature screenings, activities, visits and awards in different geographical points of the Costa del Sol such as Estepona, Benahavís and Marbella. After being held exclusively in Estepona until 2009, and this being the main venue of the festival, it has managed to gain an important position in the region and expand to the rest of the municipalities, with the intention of reaching 11 municipalities on the coast.

«The Fantastic Film Week has been celebrating for 22 years and offering everything: gastronomic days in the restaurants of Benahavís and Estepona, photographic exhibition, passage of terror at the Castillo de San Luis … A whole year of preparation of activities and screenings that will begin on the 5th at the Felipe VI Auditorium and that will make us live unforgettable experiences », Begoña Ortiz highlighted.

An opportunity to continue uniting the Coast through culture, especially after the very difficult year that the sector has suffered, and that this year the gastronomic days that were held for 10 years and that disappeared over time are back. It will begin on the 7th at Legends Restaurant, in Benahavís and will continue in Estepona at Take a Wine, in Plaza Manilva, and at Boquerona restaurant, in Valle Romano.

On Sunday September 5, at 20:00 hours, at Felipe VI Auditorium, the opening ceremony of the International Fantastic Film Week will begin, where the cantaora Star Morente will act as godmother of this edition of the festival, and will present the fiction short film ‘The key‘, which stars alongside Fele Martinez, accompanied by the director of the film, Rafael Robles, Rafatal, the singer Antonio Cortés, co-star of the film, in addition to the actress Laura Baena Torres.

Awards for Pablo Puyol and María Barranco

In this first edition of Special Prize of the Jury Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol, the award has gone to Pablo Puyol, a renowned actor and singer from Malaga who will be in Estepona at the International Fantastic Film Week.

«When we were asked to create a new award with the name Special Award of the Jury of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol, we saw that it was a magnificent opportunity for the Commonwealth to collaborate with a Film Festival that has grown in prestige throughout its 22 editions. And it seemed like a good idea to do it through an award with this one, which will distinguish those great names in film and television that have a connection with the Costa del Sol; Either because they are natives of our land or because they reside in it, because as everyone knows, they are from here by birth or by choice ”, added Mena.

For her part, María Barranco will receive the award ASFAAN 2021, an award that rewards Andalusian actors and technicians who, with their art, have made Andalusia known outside our borders and that rewards their work and professionalism. «I am very happy to receive this award, for me it is an honor and a very special one, since my father is from Estepona. It is time for encounters, laughter and good screenings, “said the actress.

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