The lanes of the A-7 motorway affected by the accident of the truck in San Pedro this morning have been open to traffic around 2:00 p.m., once the accident vehicle has been removed and the garbage spilled on the road when it overturned, they have explained from the Subdelegation.

Thus, the Traffic on the road has been restored at 2:00 p.m. with the opening of both lanes, which were cut off to traffic generating this Thursday morning retentions of up to 13 kilometers and forcing the highway cut Cadiz sense.

According to the public body, after the opening of both lanes at the point of the accidentwhich took place around 8:00 at kilometer 172 of the A-7, “circulates normally”, although “4 kilometers of slow traffic in the Cádiz direction” remain, they have qualified.

From the DGT they have specified that the accident vehicle has been withdrawn at 13:23 hours, as well as garbage has been removed from the road which has been scattered after the accident, which has been transferred to “another truck with a crane”.

The accident occurred around 8:00 at kilometer 172 of the aforementioned road and the General Traffic Directorate (DCT) specified that a detour from kilometer 174 to 171 through the urban area of ​​the municipality, although many drivers are choosing to make the journey through the toll motorway, despite the fact that it had not been opened for general traffic and was still subject to payment.

The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, For his part, he had requested that the toll be released on the AP-7 and serve as a free alternative while the overturned truck is removed in the area of ​​San Pedro Alcántara, on the A-7.

The garbage scattered on the road It has been removed and transferred to another vehicle similar to the accident for its removal, in order to try to return traffic to the road as quickly as possible, they have indicated.

On the other hand, from Traffic they have explained that the Route of the Sun Cycling Tour Andalusia Elite Women, that this Thursday was scheduled to pass through Marbella. The section has been established from Estepona to Cádiz, according to comments from Tráfico.

The third stage It was disputed this Thursday over 138.9 kilometers between Fuengirola and Castellar de la Frontera starting at 9:30, starting in Mijas.

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