The Estepona City Council has awarded the works for the comprehensive remodeling of the section of promenade what’s going on from La Cala -in front of the San José school- to the Jacaranda buildingand that connects with the coastal corridor from the area of ​​La Punta de la Plata. This action will culminate the last phase of renovation of the promenade, which comprises two linear kilometers.

As detailed by the Consistory, the second phase of Avenida España is currently being pedestrianized, which also includes the remodeling of the section of promenade between the Juan Carlos avenue and Delfin street.

Furthermore, the works of Mirador del Carmen socio-cultural facility, which is being executed next to the Punta Doncella lighthouse, will also involve the fine-tuning of the existing promenade in said area. It should be remembered that the Consistory has already completed the remodeling of the first section of the promenade, from Juan Carlos I Avenue to Andalucía Avenue.

The La Cala-Jacaranda building promenade project, which It will have a term of execution of two monthshas been awarded to the company Grulop 21 SL for €761,604 (VAT included). The works will be fully financed by the Provincial Council of Malaga through a plan launched by said institution for the 16 municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants in the province, in order to promote the improvement of infrastructure and equipment in all localities.

These works will be in line with the section carried out previously, but with the adaptation and execution of new infrastructures according to the needs of the area. Thus, the new work will allow the comprehensive remodeling of more than 400 linear meters from the seafront.

Among the actions to be carried out, in addition to modifying the supply and sanitation networks, the demolition of pavements on the promenade, sidewalks of Avenida España, ramps and steps are included. Walls will also be made to widen the pedestrian crossings in the zone of the roundabout on Avenida España and the current lights will be replaced by others with LED light. On the other hand, action will be taken to delimit the promenade with the beach area, there will be gardening actions to improve the environment and new street furniture will be installed.

The objective of the City Council is Continue with the remodeling of the rest of the sections until the total connection of the promenade and its union with the coastal corridor are achieved. that is vertebrating all the municipal term. In this sense, it should be noted that it has already been possible to connect more than 90% of the Estepona coast, which means more than 20 kilometers linked by pedestrian paths that enable tourist and leisure use of these spaces by the sea.

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