Marbella City Council advances in the processing of the new General Plan, that will start for its initial approval after fitting the process of elaboration and assembly into the system that marks the new Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA), recently approved, a document that will allow a “more direct regulation” of irregular housing, according to the general director of Urbanism and Housing, José María Morente.

The municipal official explained that after approving the Plenary of the Corporation “The advance” of the General Plan -Which is a “draft” of the same-, and the Territorial Delegation of the Environment of the Board will send the Consistory the “scope document” -which marks the criteria of the strategic environmental documentation- once the Initial Document has been approved. Strategic (DIE) municipal; the City Council has waited for the Andalusian law to be approved to continue processing the planning of the city accordingly.

One of the novelties that incorporates the LIST is that it establishes two processing systems such as the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM) and urban planning plans, and that in the case of Marbella will develop both documents due to the urban situation that the city presents after decades marked by speculation.

The forecasts of the Consistory mark the Q2 2022 threshold for initial approval of the two urban texts “before the summer”, and after the entry into force of the LIST on December 24 and “the actions prior to the beginning of the General Plan processing” carried out, it remains to start its processing to raise it for approval initial by the Plenary.

Morente has indicated that “We are finishing assembling the general plan once the LIST has been approved and we already know how to finish it off, it has to bring some Roads and Coasts reports prior to the initial approval, and immediately when they arrive we go to approval ”. To this he added that “in the meantime and these reports are being processed, we are also closing the urban planning plan.”

Regarding both documents, the municipal official explained that with Andalusian law “the General Plan is split in two”, pointing out that “the general gives the rules of the game, the criteria and the guidelines of how it is going to be regularized and of how the scenario of general criteria is going to be, and especially the rustic and the growth; and the urban one marks the internal organization of the city, the alignment of the streets, the ordinance of each parcel, etc ”.

As highlighted, the City Council has opted for a procedure according to the LIST since “it is a more flexible law, less rigid and that allows better solving some of the problems that Marbella has in a much easier way as the issue of urban land , the infrastructure deficit or irregular housing. There are easier and more agile procedures ”, he remarked.

Regarding this last point, he pointed out that “almost all -Irregular- dwellings are on urban land already urbanized, they have been transformed, and there have been promotions because there has been a plan that had not been approved, but that was executed and there was a criterion ”.

Asked how the LIST helps to solve the situation of these properties, he declared that “the law, to everything that is urban and is already urban -which has become a city and is urbanized-, recognizes it as urban. There is a more direct regularization ”. On this, he has clarified that everything “that has been transformed and has become urban, is already urban, and also the plan is going to give some ordinances that are consistent with what there is so as not to leave it out of the game.”

In this way, he has indicated that “what important is to improve the city we have “ and “not so much seeing what has been done wrong before outside the law”, ensuring that “the plan is very concerned about 15 minutes, that in the city you can walk in the helmets in a short time and that the equipment is close ”.

Morente has valued that the new General Plan will be characterized by being “realistic, more open, flexible and balanced“, Which” bets on a quality city “, in which” there are more criteria, guidelines and strategies than closed standards “.

In it, he has indicated that the city ​​model “part of reality”, with the “traditional city” nuclei of Marbella, San Pedro Alcántara and Las Chapas and the urbanizations as a “garden city”, in which there is “a problem of historical deficit of infrastructures and internal connection” between them. In addition, it has added the problem of “centrality” as there are no commercial or restaurant spaces in residential areas.

Thus, he has indicated that the plan will propose to provide urbanizations with this type of services, as well as the city with “soils where important equipment operations can be carried out “. In the same vein, he pointed out that if “sports facilities, schools or annulments are needed”, that “the plan provides ground so that the city we have can be put up and improved.”

Regarding what the document will mean for the municipality, he pointed out that the new General Plan will provide the city with “tranquility and legal security after so many vicissitudes ”, since“ the City Council will approve it ”as it is the one that will have the competence for both initial and final approval (which was previously exercised by the Board), eliminating the provisional procedure-; in addition to having the consensus of all political groups.

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