Francisco Salado at WTM 2021 with the famous Harry Potter set.
Francisco Salado at WTM 2021 with the famous Harry Potter set.

The Costa del Sol has landed in London to participate in the World Travel Market (WTM) in 2021 with an unprecedented deployment and investment to boost the recovery of the British market, which includes the magic of Harry Potter that conquered millions of people around the world and now reaches the Costa del Sol for the British to return to their dream place. Thus, from platform 9 and 3/4 of the station, from where the magic train left for Hogwarts school, this time a train will symbolically leave for the Costa del Sol.

The action includes the ‘Suntalgia’ campaign, with the first spot recorded in the United Kingdom, in English and with British actors, in the history of the provincial government’s public company, an innovative ‘Digital out of Home’ marketing strategy, with 500 screens promoting the destination on the streets of London, and an original campaign linked to the figure of Harry Potter and his literary universe that invites you to travel through his magic to the Costa del Sol.

With all this it is intended to achieve more than 50 million advertising impacts, as explained by the president of Costa del Sol Tourism and the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, during the presentation of the company’s stand on the first day of one of the most important fairs in the world.

“We are not going to skimp on means or resources or efforts to win back the British market, our main foreign market, and for this this year we will invest 600,000 euros, the highest investment in our history«Salado said, highlighting the spot ‘Suntalgia’ and the action linked to Harry Potter and Hogwart’s station, as innovative bets to accompany an intense digital marketing campaign in which Turismo Costa del Sol will use its tools again of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis.

One more commitment to innovation and knowledge to impact tourists and know in real time what their preferences and purchase and reservation actions are. On this occasion, the Costa del Sol returns, as stated by the president of Costa del Sol Tourism, “with a double commitment to the most important tourist fair in the world together with ITB and Fitur, with a professional stand where entrepreneurs have more space to work and generate business, and at the same time with a presence in the Andalusian booth, where the entity will present the entire offer of the destination of the Costa del Sol ».

The stand, about 195 square meters, has work and networking areas, with large screens on which are projected the latest promotional videos of the entity, with QR codes to access the entire offer of the destination, as well as with detailed information on all the companies that accompany Turismo Costa del Sol in this edition, about 40.

The more than 500 digital screens throughout London show attractive images of the destination in short videos. In addition, it also has visibility on giant screens, in some of the main stations in London, such as King’s Cross, where the entity has taken the opportunity to carry out a nice campaign around the figure of Harry Potter so that with his magic «our dear British return to the Costa del Sol ”, said the president of the entity.

Using Smart Location technologies, “Costa del Sol Tourism has made a meticulous selection of the most suitable locations to locate the target most akin to traveling to Costa del Sol, maximizing the reach in the most efficient way possible”, Francisco Salado stressed.

The technology used allows, as explained by the head of Costa del Sol Tourism, “in addition to surprising them with the videos, segmenting users who may have been impacted by the advertising on the screens to re-launch the value proposition of the destination, through banners on their mobile devices, both when they are near the digital screens and a few hours later when they may have already arrived home and are in a position to inform themselves of our offer in order to promote the generation of reservations ».

“Thanks to this important retargeting action, we are being much more efficient in managing resources and in achieving a greater return for the province of Malaga,” said Salado.

The presence of Turismo Costa del Sol at the fair is also complemented by the common thread of Suntalgia, and Feel Costa del Sol, with which “we appeal to the nostalgia that the British feel for not being able to enjoy our climate and our light with more than 325 days of sunshine a year and we invite you to return to a destination to which you have always shown high fidelity, ”said Salado.

In addition, and to channel all the promotional efforts that are being carried out, the entity has designed a specific landing whose main objective is “to generate engagement and incentivize reservations by our potential clients” as explained by the president of Turismo Costa del Sol. All these actions are complemented by an important campaign on social media that will increase the visibility of this campaign.

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