Óscar Vargas, from the Los Kruos Senderista Club, will participate in the UTMB – Mont Blanc, which is celebrated from August 23 to 29. An adventure as it is a mountain test, which contains numerous sections at altitude (> 2500m), in climatic conditions that can become very hostile, and that requires perfect training, as well as adapted equipment and a capacity for personal autonomy.

The manilveño is already prepared and excited to face this challenge with the intention of crossing the finish line, and for this he will have to overcome his physical and mental limits. In this superlative ultra trail, the world elite of this discipline among 10,000 athletes who come to this adventure, to participate in one of the seven races of which the event consists.

This extraordinary journey in the heart of the massif will allow trailers cross valleys and hills in contact with the most beautiful peaks, in a unique alpine scenery in the world. Due to the magnitude of the event, the Manilveño Senderista Club is very proud to have one of its greatest exponents in this international event.

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