Flamenco, Arabic and urban music come together to achieve a special and innovative theme that has come stomping from the hand of Aimar, a young man from Marbella who has released his new video clip ‘Arab Dembow’ Ft. Don Forty Five. Known as ‘El Morito Gitano’, the Moroccan singer, artist and composer wanted to reflect his dual culture in his innovative fusion of flamenco, Arab sounds and the most modern urban music such as reggaeton, afro or trap.

United to the Dominican Don Forty Five (Don 45), presents his new musical proposal accompanied by an official video clip that was recorded in the Dominican Republic, with the title ‘Dembow Árabe’ and produced by the Dj rasuk.

A song that Aimar himself defines as an innovative fusion where he reflects his double culture for the first time, introducing him to the dembow Dominican.

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