Manuel Cardeña
Manuel Cardeña

Marbella City Council has opened from today until next November 30 the deadline for requesting municipal collaboration in the organization of sporting events for the 2022 season. The councilor for the branch, Manuel Cardeña, has indicated that the objective of this program is “to strategically design and plan the planned events for the next exercise “.

Last year, the City Council organized, sponsored or collaborated in a total of 73 events, “Which have had a positive impact on the image of our city, the promotion of physical exercise and the development of municipal sports activities and clubs.”

Looking ahead to the next exercise, the councilor has advanced that they will especially support each other Proposals related to urban careers, tests that take place outdoors or that are related to accessible modalities or aimed at the female group.

Those interested can consult all the information and requirements in the following link and once the request is registered, it will be evaluated by the technical teams of the delegation. Regarding the documentation, it must be as detailed as possible and they will have to present the project or dossier through the electronic register of the City Council, including, among other elements, the objectives of the test, the description, the organizers, the place, date and time of the celebration, the area and participants, the regulations, the registration, the categories, the prizes and trophies, the plans or routes, as well as the planned posters.

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