The municipal spokesman for marbellaFélix Romero, has indicated this Monday that the shooting that occurred this morning in a discotheque of the town “it’s a one-time event” –which leaves five people injured, including the alleged perpetrator of the shots-, and has highlighted the high level of security that, in his opinion, is associated with the name of the city.

To questions from journalists, Romero has indicated that this type of event “always worries us”, but added that the image of the city as a safe tourist destination “It is a heritage that is very difficult to dismantle because it has been working very well for many years.”

“That said, evidently when there is a This type of situation does not please anyone and logically we are always concerned”, added Romero, while asking “let the National Police work and clarify themselves” the circumstances surrounding the event.

He added that “we have the guarantee that a city ​​like Marbella has a police force with a very high population/police ratio if we take into account the National Police and the Civil Guard, as well as the Local Police”.

“When circumstances like this happen, clarified quickly and all responsibilities are resolved. Marbella is a very large city, with 150,000 inhabitants, and a punctual fact of this type cannot annul a reality, that this city is very safe”, he explained.

For Romero, “Marbella guarantees safety levels and ratios comparable to any European city, that is why we are so international attractions“.

The events occurred at dawn and the National Police has taken charge of the investigation, which is open. The first of the calls received by Emergencies 112 Andalusia was at 01:10 a.m. and the alert warned that shots had been heard and that people had run out of a nightclub located at kilometer 184 of the A-7 highway.

Five people have been injured. A) Yes, Two injured are hospitalized in serious condition. in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Costa del Sol Hospital in the town awaiting the evolution of the firearm wounds they present, according to hospital sources.

Likewise, three men are under observation at said hospital, one of them 40 years old stab wounds to different parts of the body. This, according to police sources, would be the alleged perpetrator of the shots, and is being held in police custody.

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