The Las Albarizas neighborhood, in Marbella, has a investment from more than 2 million euros, contributed by the City Council of the town throughout 4 years, which will be used for the regeneration from homes, buildings and public spaces of the area and its peripheries.

This improvement in infrastructures, facilitated by investment, in which the owners will provide the 15 percent and the municipal co-financing will bring another 15 percent, will not only involve remodeling existing buildings but also specific projects will be carried out such as the creating a plaza next to the civic center or the landscaping of the slope located in the José Manuel Vallés street.

Thanks to this project promoted by the Marbella City Council, a total of 572 homes will be modernized through these 2 million euros and they will host improvements such as ramps, elevators or the waterproofing of roofs. The construction and remodeling process will begin as soon as bilateral agreements are signed between the administration, the municipalities and the Ministry of Housing.

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