Was, according to your versionaddicted to the game and needed money urgently. She put on a cap, a FP2 mask and some latex gloves. With a hammer in hand, robbed the first pharmacy. The experience should not have upset him, because, in just 15 days, he repeated it, allegedly, up to four times. The alleged robber loot was spent in a game room. Until this Wednesday, when he was arrested by the Marbella Local Police.

He had turned 27 two weeks earlier. Investigators were on his trail; they had him booked for robberies perpetrated with a knife in three pharmacies in the area. One of them was targeted by him for the second time. The last one, on Monday, when he managed to get hold of almost 1,000 euros, which was spent in an arcade located 300 meters away. 48 hours later he tried his luck again, but this time the play failed. The attempted robbery ended with a chase in which a policeman was injured after falling down the stairs of a parking lot.

It was half past 5 in the afternoon this Wednesday when in the emblematic Pablo Casals street, located in the Marbella center, a motorcycle patrol of the Local Police who were waiting for the arrival of a municipal tow truck to remove a car heard the shouts of several people as they ran: “To the thief!”. The agents then observed an individual, in flip-flops and with a cap, who seemed to be running away. The star he had tattooed on his neck gave him away. With long sleeves, she tried to hide the rest of the drawings in her arms.

His description matched that of the drugstore robber they were looking for. When he found himself cornered, the thief dodged the agents and sought refuge in a public parking lot on Arias Maldonado Avenue. One of the policemen managed to catch up with him, but the alleged robber managed to get away and continued on the run. The cash ended up rolling down some stairs.

The individual, of Greek origin, was llocated under a vehicle. He put up great resistance to arrest and a support unit had to be requested. Later, they transferred him to police stations.

He breaks into a pharmacy in Fuengirola, jumps the counter and breaks a window

In June, the Police also arrested the alleged perpetrator of two robbery attempts at different pharmacies in Fuengirola. On the second occasion he was only able to get hold of some medicines. Sraised the counterbroke a glass where he wasto cash register and tried to take it away. The courage of the workers and the support of several witnesses prevented the individual from carrying out the robbery. he was arrested

The suspect set out to rob a pharmacy located on Jesús Santos Rein avenue. Shortly after, around 3:25 p.m., he went to another health facility located on Ángeles Aspiazu street. Upon entering, he barely managed to stammer a few words: “The box, what a jump!”the workers of the premises then related to this newspaper, still “with the scare in the body.”

Said and done, the individual jumped on the pharmacy counter, aiming at the registered box, breaking the glass where the machine was located with the money that the establishment had managed to collect throughout the day. But, the workers who were on duty at that moment, far from crouching down and obeying the thief’s orders, began to scream to scare him away. One of them even yanked hard on the cash register cordwhich made it impossible for the offender to take it away.

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