The National Police and the Créteil Anti-Crime Brigade, located in France, have arrested in the town of Marbella a French fugitive, about 26 years old, who would have shot down with a gun to an individual on the other side of the border with Andorra, in Lake Créteil.

After the assumption homicide on November 2019, the fugitive would have fled to Malaga, would have settled in the Marbella town making use of a false documentation and would have established a food business.

Following a European Investigation Order, on August 23 began an operation of police cooperation between Spain and France. That same day the suspect was located in the avenue of the Petunias, in Marbella, and the arrest.

The alleged murderer fled alone, but had a accomplice during the 2019 shooting. Both had been a priority for the French authorities for the past few years. The other implicated was arrested in January 2020 and, it has not been until now, that the escaped collaborator has been intervened.

Once located when he was circulating in Marbella, and after a escape attempt Of the agents, the suspect was caught, identifying himself with documentation in the name of a third party but with his photo. Finally, once his true identity was verified, he was detained based on the current arrest warrant and, furthermore, for the crimes of falsifying documents and against road safety.

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