With the legislature reaching its equator, Izquierda Unida, taking stock of its work at the head of the town hall, has published that they have already put into action almost 60% of the proposals that they included in their electoral program. The mayor of Casares, Pepe Carrasco, has pointed out that COVID19 has made it difficult to face these two years: «They have been very rare and complicated years in which we have had to reinvent ourselves and, many times, urgently improvise new public services to be at the side of the Casareños and Casareñas ».

Last year, the government team allocated 1,445,000 euros to articulate an urgent Economic Plan with which to alleviate the effects of the pandemic in the municipality through aid and subsidies for the self-employed and micro-enterprises who saw their billing reduced by COVID. In addition, the economic items for family aid were increased and the area of ​​Social Rights was strengthened to meet the demand for applications and situations of vulnerability.

The first mayor has also stressed that one of the main objectives was and continues to be the welfare of the elderly in the municipality, “Since they are being one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.” Thus, as pointed out by the mayor, “there was not the slightest doubt when it came to releasing items to start up new services for them,” such as the expansion of the social dining room at home also during weekends or the increase in the subsidy to the School of Memory so that it could provide home service.

Carrasco has also acknowledged that the government team is aware that there are still several important projects to be launched in the three population centers, and has ensured that much work is being done so that the vast majority of them see the light before they the legislature ends.

Regarding the large infrastructures included in the Program, Izquierda Unida has sent a very hopeful message since it will be able to begin very soon with the tenders of almost all the large projects included in the Program. In Casares town the tenders for the elevator works will soon begin from Villa Street to the Castillo area, to the new Senior Center in the Peñón Roao and to the new wake that will be located next to the medical center.

What’s more, the new municipal kindergarten will be inaugurated before the end of this year and the old Fuente Street cinema has been acquired to create a new multi-storey public space in the heart of the historic center, which will house, among other things, a spacious hall to hold events and events.

During this fiscal year, the works on the Casares Costa multipurpose building, a very necessary space that has allowed to expand the cultural, sports and workshops offer in this population center. And security has also been expanded in all urbanizations on the coast with the launch of the first Municipal Security Plan that has been designed jointly with the neighbors and the local police and that will culminate its first phase this year.

Regarding the project of the Casares Costa nursery, the government team has assured that next year work will begin for its construction, “an infrastructure that will provide comfort and well-being to the families living in this population center.”

Very soon, since they are already in their final bidding phase, they will also see the light of two large projects that the smallest are looking forward to: the children’s leisure area in Hacienda de Casares in Casares costa and the children’s leisure area in the Sotocolorado area in Secadero. Two new large playgrounds that have had to be put out to public tender because the amount exceeds, in both cases, 100,000 euros.

In Secadero, all the classrooms of the Los Almendros public school have been equipped with air conditioning and heating, and public toilets and new appliances have been installed in the Gaucín street park.

The sports project at the fairgrounds is progressing well and, once all the relevant authorizations are obtained, it is expected that next year its construction can be completed.

The mayor has presented in a general way the achievement of his Government Program but has added that in the coming weeks, from Izquierda Unida, a complete and exhaustive management balance will be published that will include all the initiatives launched since the legislature began.

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