The Mayor of Estepona and first vice president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), Jose Maria Garcia Urbano has criticized in the National Commission of Local Administration (CNAL) “the absolute lack of government empathy central to the problems of the municipalities”.

“The mistreatment by this Government has no limits and its contempt neither, it shows that the CNAL does not want to deal with any of the urgent and worrying issues related to local financing that we have on the table”, said the councilor, who added that “they know they are going to strangle the municipalities and provinces in a very short space of time”.

The alderman has indicated that, although he does not want to, “The Sánchez Executive must listen to the demands of the municipalities and provinces”. For this reason, he has stressed that they will demand that a new meeting be convened “in which to address in depth all the issues that concern local entities”.

In this regard, he has pointed out thatCity councils “are key to getting out of the social and financial crisis in which we find ourselves”“The arrogant and distant position that the Minister of Finance maintains towards city councils and councils is not acceptable; mayors of all political stripes are not willing to be turned into mute managers in the face of the absolute abandonment to which Sánchez is subjecting us” , Garcia Urbano added.

Furthermore, he underlined that “A loyal government is needed, empathetic with the needs of citizens, a government that listens and is sensitive to the needs of the administration closest to citizens, the first door they knock on when they have a problem”.

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