The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted this Friday “the progressive recovery of the beaches thanks to a special operative that is working triple shift and has more than 40 machines” after the damage caused by the lifting storm recorded at the beginning of the week.

This was highlighted by the councilor after visiting the work being carried out on Casablanca beach, where she underlined that “the municipal administration is the only one that is responding before the adverse circumstances caused by the storm”.

In this sense, he lamented that “the central government, which is competent, has not taken any action”, just as he recalled that the Consistory has allocated 1.2 million to alleviate the damage in the most affected areas.

To do this, it has indicated that it has launched “a municipal device with which has been reinforced with the urgent contracting of seven local companies who carry out simultaneous work at different points with specific material that includes shovels, backhoes, dumpers and cannons to be able to spread the sand.”

The councilor has advanced that La Venus beach will open tomorrow and the Casablanca area will be passable from Monday and pointed out that “our objective is get back to normal and carry out a key season for tourist and economic activity”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “Marbella can be proud of a municipal government that has had the will to carry out the necessary actions” and has highlighted “the commitment of beach entrepreneurs, with whom we are in permanent contact, and who are doing everything on their part to offer the best service to their clients on dates when high occupancy is expected”.

On the other hand, he has stressed that in the telematic meeting that took place yesterday between different mayors and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, “we were summoned to a new mid-term meeting to assess the situation and measures such as contributions of sand, when it is essential that the central government commits to a definitive solution that solves a recurrent problem”.

In addition, he lamented that “the possibility of reducing the canon has not even been considered for concessions on the coast, for which the city pays 2.4 million annuallyor open a line of aid to entrepreneurs in the sector”.

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