The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has moved a Invitation to the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Riberaso that you can visit the city and see first-hand “the need to urgently unblock and execute the stabilization projects of the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántaraas well as to know the real situation of the section of the promenade that the central government plans to tear down”.

In the letter, the councilor reiterates to the head of the ministry that the construction of the breakwaters “it is essential for our municipality, for its tourist imagefor our neighbors, visitors and all businessmen, professionals and agents of the sector”.

At the same time, he underlines that the promenade that runs along the coast of Marbella “is one of the great jewels of the town, not only as a first-rate tourist element, but also and fundamentally as a cohesion area of ​​the municipality and integrating space for neighborsfor sports, walks and leisure”.

“I trust that the Government of Spain acquires a firm commitment to Marbella and undertake the procedures and the execution of the breakwaters as quickly as possible, since our coastline cannot continue to withstand the consequences of the storms without protection”, indicates the councilor in the letter, which has been reported in the governing board local held this Monday, as reported by the spokesman for the municipal Executive, Félix Romero.

Romero has recalled that “we have been demanding for a long time that they be unlocked and procedures for coastal stabilization projects are streamlined”.

The councilman has described as “nonsense” the approach of the central Administration to demolish a section of promenade and has pointed out that “we want to be given certainty and security regarding the terms in which the minister has pronounced”.

Romero has detailed that the invitation to the minister “is respectful and we hope that Ribera accepts it so that understand why it is so urgent for us and for the neighbors of the municipality that breakwaters be built”.

Similarly, the mayor has stated that from the City Council “we are not going to let this issue “be forgotten”, Therefore, as he has assured, “we are going to insist that they attend to this claim” and so that “they do not tear down the promenade, as the socialist government did in the 90s with the breakwaters.”

cybersecurity system

On the other hand, the local government board has also given an account of the pre-granted aid to the Consistory amounting to almost 550,000 euros for the implementation of a municipal cybersecurity systeml and another of geospatial positioning.

In this sense, the general director of New Technologies, Baldomero León, has specified that, in the absence of a final resolution, the City Council has obtained an economic allocation of 308,000 euros for provide greater security to the local electronic administration thanks to a system integrated into the National Security Network and in collaboration with the National Cryptologic Center.

Regarding the second grant, he explained that it has an amount of 241,000 euros and contemplates “taking another step within the Marbella Territorial Information System (SITMA) with a geospatial positioning system that will allow you to get more out of it”.

“We are going to work on the cybersecurity line with the data processing center, counting on the Local Police and IT, since we have all the City Council networks interconnectedas with the SITMA”, has indicated the general director, who has indicated that “when the final resolution is ready, the specifications will be drawn up to be able to award them”.

Finally, Romero has highlighted the constant study carried out by the City Council of all the possibilities of obtaining resources through subsidies of the Junta de Andalucía, such as rental aid for victims of gender violence, people subject to eviction from their habitual residence, the homeless or especially vulnerable groups of up to 6,000 euros per year.

Subsidies for the maintenance of local groups of Civil Protection volunteers in each of the Andalusian municipalities, with a line for direct costs of training activities and others, for operating expenses.

In the same way, the presentation of offers for the adhesion of publicly owned municipal spaces to the Andalusian Network of Public Theaters and the approval by the Governing Council of Andalusia’s R&D&I strategy for the 2027 horizon. “It establishes all the objectives that each of the administrations must assume at the regional level to achieve strategic planning on the principles of coherence, rationality, consensus and coordination with the Junta de Andalucía itself and the implementation of cybersecurity measures”, he added.

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