The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has this Monday the acts of vandalism were reproached appeared over the weekend at the Casa Russia service center, pointing out that the responsibility for the war in Ukraine “lies with the Russian government and with Putin.”

This was highlighted by the councilor to questions from journalists at a press conference, in which she was accompanied by the mayor of Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, assessing that “there is a lot of civilian population that does not agree at all with what is happening” in Ukraine and “is providing a great support actively and feeling very identified with the suffering that the Ukrainian people are suffering”.

Muñoz has appealed to the international character of the city and has highlighted the existence of “a significant number of Russian population that is actively helping the Ukrainian population. We are all aware of where the responsibility lies andThe responsibility lies with the Russian Government and with Putin as the first person”has underlined.

“I am aware as mayor, and I understand how the Ukrainian people have to be living and that any symbol that has to do with the Russian people can raise a feeling to make commit these acts, but we will recriminate in the same way be one or the other”, the first mayor has remarked. In this sense, she has indicated that “above all is being able to have a coexistence, and above all putting the spotlight and responsibility on those who really have it”, she has concluded.

Casa Russia, a service center for the Russian community living in the area, suffered different acts last Sunday vandalism related to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, What graffiti of Nazi swastikas on the facade and several ‘Z’s, the letter with which the Russian army that carries out war operations is identified.

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