The senator of the Popular Group for Malaga and mayor of the Malaga town of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has lamented that the PSOE has rejected the motion presented this past Tuesday in the Senate to urgently undertake the stabilization of the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara and has said that with this refusal “it demonstrates its lack of commitment to the city.”

In a statement sent by the City Council, Muñoz has considered this action as “absolutely necessary” and has indicated that the central government “has spent more than four years without preparing the environmental reports that would allow the project to be undertaken”, while at the same time assuring that ” With this vote against, he has run out of excuses and has lost all credibility.

The councilor has indicated that “the Government of Pedro Sánchez continues to insist on linking the construction of the breakwaters with the demolition of part of the promenade and has not responded for a year to the allegation that we presented to prevent an action that would affect a absolutely consolidated facility and of general interest».

Likewise, it has reiterated that “the stabilization project is an exclusive competence of the central Executive and, therefore, the responsibility for the damage that occurs after each storm, and that causes serious socioeconomic damage, is also its responsibility.”

Finally, he assured that “we are going to continue fighting so that a fair claim is addressed and a work is carried out, once and for all, that would solve one of the main problems that the municipality has.”

Specifically, the motion presented in the Upper House contemplates the streamlining of the stabilization actions of the San Pedro Alcántara coastline and carrying out the necessary procedures to prioritize the stabilization project between the Guadalmina and Guadaiza rivers, specifying the start date and creating the item budget for the immediate start of works in 2022.

It also includes speeding up the coastal stabilization project in the municipality of Marbella so that, urgently, the necessary procedures are carried out to start the execution of the beach stabilization project between La Venus and El Ancón.

The proposal also establishes promoting the processing of the environmental impact study of the stabilization project that is being drafted by the City Council for the center of the municipality’s coastline; and initiate the necessary procedures and studies for the drafting of the coastal stabilization project in the Las Chapas area.

Likewise, it includes programming, financing and developing “as many actions as are necessary to guarantee the optimal state of the coastal points affected by the storms and approve compensatory measures for the economic sectors affected by them.”

The senator of the Popular Group for Malaga and mayor of the Malaga town of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has presented this motion as a result of interpellation in the Senate, where she has reiterated that the central government is “preventing having a beach in San Pedro de Alcántara; put corrective measures in Las Chapas and intends to demolish the Marbella promenade, which has been in existence for more than 30 years.

In this sense, through a statement from the Popular Group in the Senate, Muñoz recalled that last June he questioned the Minister of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, where he reminded her of the conditions in which they find themselves. the beaches of the Marbella coast after the storms.

«The response of Minister Ribera, the expected one. None. No deadlines, no commitment, no budget items, nothing”, reiterated Muñoz, who added that “he was not even able to visit that city, and see first-hand the promenade that he intends to demolish”, clarifying that the minister “has been invited weekly by the City Council to visit our city».

Muñoz has made it clear that the city of Marbella “is a great first-class tourist destination and cannot afford to have the beaches in the current situation in which they are” and has reminded Ribera of “the effort” of the sector together with the City Council ” that pays to the coffers of the Executive a canon of 2.5 million euros each year and there are already four ».

“However, the investment of the Pedro Sánchez Executive has been zero euros and no construction of breakwaters to prevent the disappearance of the sand from the beaches,” he criticized, emphasizing that “they have no excuse; They have been refusing to present a project for four years and paralyzing the one presented by former minister Isabel García-Tejerina in 2018 ».

He has considered that the minister’s response “is the one that the PSOE usually has: No commitment; Moreover, it announced the demolition of the Marbella promenade that was built 30 years ago, taking away beach bars, hotels, homes and the promenade itself.

“They are not going to build breakwaters in Marbella to solve the problem because their project consists of demolishing the promenade, taking away hotels, beach bars and homes,” explained the PP leader, while stressing that there are similar assumptions in Estepona , Torremolinos and Fuengirola «and there they have not demolished anything».

“We have offered economic collaboration, we have asked for speed and if it is not with you, we will do it when the PP governs with its president at the head, Alberto Núñez Feijóo,” he said in the Popular Group statement in the Senate.

The socialist senator Víctor González indicated in the session this past Tuesday that the PSOE had presented a substitution amendment “and we are doing it to urge the Government of Spain to do what it is already doing, Mrs. Muñoz, to continue with the stabilization projects of the coast on the coast of Marbella and also in San Pedro Alcántara».

“I say continue because the Government of Spain is already doing it,” he stressed, noting that these projects “are not easy, they are complex from a technical, administrative, and environmental point of view and, therefore, require conscientious work, which It is what this Executive is doing.”

He explained that as a stabilization project between the Guadalmina and Guadaiza rivers “the last step is pending so that the project can be put out to tender: obtaining the favorable environmental impact statement” and once it is obtained “the projects will be put out to tender” ; «a project that symbolizes more than 7.4 million euros of investment and the construction of five breakwaters, in addition to the contribution of more than 200,000 cubic meters of sand».

Regarding the stabilization between the beach of Venus and Punta El Ancón, he has indicated that it is “exactly at the same point as the project that I have just commented on: awaiting that favorable environmental impact statement to put out to tender a project valued at more of 8.5 million euros.

Regarding the basic project for remodeling the promenade, he said that “the legality must be complied with and you know that there is occupation of the public domain and that the ministry is pending to obtain those lands to remodel the promenade and to lay the sanitation pipe.” “And we are going to do it too,” she pointed out.

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