The Marbella Town Hall government team led by the Popular Party (PP) has signed the ex-militant of the Ciudadanos (Cs) formation Paco Claro as “advisor” to execute the “housing plan of the Junta de Andalucía”, as confirmed to this newspaper by the mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz, who is committed to adding to the municipal staff the one who is also Vice President of the Association of Emerged Breakwaters.Of course, as Málaga Hoy has learned, you will receive a annual remuneration of 52,000 euros and his position will last “until the initiative lasts.”

The regional housing rehabilitation plan in the Urban Regeneration and Renewal Areas (ARRUs) of Andalusia for which they have contracted it includes actions in the Malaga municipalities of Malaga, Marbella and Benalmadenawith a total provincial investment of 9.6 million euros, according to the Government delegate in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, last July.

Specifically, the initiative collects for Marbella the Comprehensive rehabilitation of 562 homes in the neighborhood of Las Albarizas, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía together with the Costa del Sol City Council and the communities of owners, with a budget that exceeds 2 million euros, as announced by the Andalusian official in September.

Are reforms suppose in Las Albarizas improve accessibility with lifts or ramps, as well as waterproofing roofs and other improvement works. The plan has in the city a regional contribution of 1.4 million euros, while the Consistory of Marbella has reserved 368,000 euros, adding between the two administrations 83% of the cost of the actions, said the Board. The rest will be contributed by the communities of owners and Claro will be in charge of executing the plan, according to the councilor.

Paco Claro is a businessman known in the city not only for his economic activity, but also for being part of the neighborhood movement and local citizenBeing the vice president of the association of emerged breakwaters for Marbella, who has been leading a movement since last fall in favor of stabilizing the town’s beaches.

The group has held two concentrations to request the central government to act on the coast of Marbella and speed up the projects to the construction of groynes, where Claro has been an exponent when it comes to requesting measures in the face of the damage that the eastern storms have caused on the coast of Marbella and on its promenade. The president of said association, José Miguel Lima, is also a trusted position of the PP.

In addition, Claro is part of the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Federation Los Barrios and it has been member of the board of directors of CS until in 2019 he presented his resignation together with the training coordinator orange at the local level at that time, Francisco Gómez, and three other members of the organ.

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