The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, will ask the central government for “the legalization” of the works on the promenade carried out by the former mayor, Jesús Gil, in 1992, on which a sentence weighs dictating its illegality for being “an occupation of the public domain”, while it has been opposed to demolishing the affected section, as stated this Thursday.

This was highlighted by the councilor to questions from journalists after the interpellation staged in the Senate last Tuesday between the also senator for the Popular Party (PP) and the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, to discuss the stabilization project of the Marbella coastlinein which Muñoz reproached the latter for not knowing the situation of the city’s coast and planning to tear down the promenade to build the breakwaters.

In this way, progress has been made tomorrow, Friday, his municipal group of the PP will elevate to the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation “a motion” to request the central government “the firm commitment with a schedule of deadlines for the construction of the jetties and the rejection of the destruction of more than 4 kilometers of promenade” because “the citizens of Marbella have to make it clear to the Government, through their representatives, the circumstances in which we are”.

“It does not fit in any head that with a promenade that was made in 1992, now in 2022, 30 years later they tell us that they are going to demolish it”, declared the mayor, who has assessed that “what we need is not to demolish the promenade, what we need is a beach and for them to build breakwaters”.

“We will immediately apply for legalization of some works, and on the other hand, we agree that you have to set back or remove the pipe -of sanitation-, and for that the Junta de Andalucía is working to carry it out”, the first mayor referred.

Regarding the sentence, the councilor has detailed that “when there is a occupancy in a public domain area does not prescribe”, despite the fact that the work was undertaken 31 years ago, so it has advanced that the City Council is going to “request the legalization of these works”. As for the section of the affected promenade, he specified that there are 4 kilometers included in the “marble” area, which runs between Arias Maldonado Avenue and the Don Pepe Gran Meliá hotel, and “the entire area where the albero begins.”

Asked if the Consistory has ever considered executing the sentence, Muñoz has replied that “never”, while stating that it is “an obligation of the government because it is one occupation of the public domain of the coast”. On the other hand, Muñoz has pointed out that according to Ribera’s words in the interpellation made in the Senate, “what the minister wants is for them to do it and charge the City Council for it” by verbalizing that “they have a budget item, they are going to occupy and demolish the promenade, and that later, because it is a subsidiary action, they will charge it to the City Council”.

If it is necessary to legalize those works that are legalizedand it is the first thing that we are going to do, that they say it and that we see how we can carry out the legalization of the promenade”, the mayor has once again rebuked, who has remarked that “what we are not going to consent in any way is that there is any demolition ”.

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