The mayoress of Marbella, angeles munozapproved this Tuesday in the last point of an Extraordinary Plenary raise the salary up to 92,928.03 euros; the maximum that a mayor of a city with more than 150,000 inhabitants can charge and above what Pedro Sánchez, president of the Government, or Juanma Moreno, president of the Board, receive.

This increase in salary –until now she did not receive emoluments from the City Council by virtue of her salary as a senator– ranks as the mayoress who earns the most in all of Andalusiaif in this mandate none of the councilors of the community increase their salary.

To put in context, the almost 93,000 euros that the mayoress will charge They represent 3,000 euros more than what Pedro Sánchez receives annually or 22,000 more than Juanma Moreno’s salary. They are also 6,000 euros more than what she received as a senator in Madrid – although this salary was complemented by attendance at plenary sessions, at a rate of 750 euros each.

The point had the approval of all the popular councilors, who guarantee an absolute majority. In the opposition, he garnered the two votes against Vox, and the abstention of 11 councilors, that is, the eight from the PSOE and the three from the OSP. The new emoluments will enter into force on July 23.

This increase in what is received by the City Council not only reaches Muñoz, but also his deputy mayors and councilors. Of the nine deputy mayors appointed, only two –Félix Romero and Kika Caracuel, who will be attending plenary sessions– will not receive their salaries from the Malaga City Council. The rest will receive 85,000 euros per yearClose, for example, to the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, who charges just over 87,000 euros per year, for the update at the end of the last term. It should be remembered that Marbella has just over 150,000 inhabitants and the capital has over 580,000.

Of the four delegate councillors, satin, three of them will charge 75,000 euroswhile the last one, Manuel Cardeña, will be charged for attending plenary sessions.

In a brief speech, Muñoz explained in plenary session that this salary increase is due to what is marked in the General State Budget, in addition to clinging to the proportional regime of the Provincial Council and justifying that Marbella is a great city.

In the opposition, However, the reality is very different. Beginning with the two Vox councillors, who will not receive any salary from the Marbella City Council beyond the Plenary Sessions and Commissions to which they attend -at a rate of 750 euros for the Plenary session and 250 euros for the Plenary Commission–; only six councilors have been assigned fixed salaries from the Consistory.

Of these, three belong to the PSOE –which has eight representatives in Marbella– and another three to the OSP. The two spokesmen, Antonio Párraga and Manuel Osorio, will perceive 42,000 euros per year –half that of a deputy mayor–, while the two deputy spokespersons and the two vice-presidents of commissions will receive €31,500 each. The rest of the Socialist councilors – five in total – will remain in attendance at plenary sessions.

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