The IU Malaga mayoralty and municipal groups forum has agreed to “launch institutional actions in all Malaga city councils to promote the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) that demands a modification of the Andalusian regulations in favor of a responsible regulation of the houses of bets and gambling in our autonomous community».

The provincial head of Institutional Policy of IU and deputy in the Diputación de Málaga, Teresa Sánchez, has explained that “bookmakers and gaming venues are causing serious negative consequences for personal, work, economic life and, even, implications legal, for many families and young people in Andalusian towns and cities».

“We cannot remain impassive in the absence of an effective regulatory framework, it is a priority to protect minors and people who suffer from addiction,” he added.

Thus, Sánchez, at a press conference together with the general coordinator of IU Andalucía, Toni Valero, explained that «the ILP that we are going to support from all the spaces in which IU has institutional representation is in line with the royal decree approved by the Ministry of Consumption, directed by Alberto Garzón».

“Some of the necessary measures involve increasing collaboration and financial aid to social entities involved in the field of gambling and betting, prioritizing prevention actions and protocols for the early detection of addictive behaviors and the creation of an Andalusian gambling council pathology, in which representatives of the administrations, social and professional entities of the sector are brought together, ”he added.

Similarly, it has stressed that “the location of betting houses and machines is another element in which Andalusian regulation is very permissive. For this we propose the use of remote controls, as is already the case with tobacco vending machines, to prevent minors from having access to them. As well as so that they remain off when no one is playing, so that they do not act as a claim.

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