The Medical Union of Malaga (SMM) has warned that the staff of the health district Costa del Sol “He once again faces a summer without reinforcements” and with professionals “tired and not very motivated” as there are no signs of “any improvement”.

In a statement, he recalled the huge demand to which Emergencies are normally subjected throughout the year, and which multiplies in the summer season, for which reason the union believes that “it is not only required that they be well equipped, they must also have adequate reinforcements and a organization according to their great work and effort”.

Therefore, they see it necessary Hire more staff to cover statutory vacations“at least one professional per shift”, in order to replace casualties and replenish the templates when a professional leaves it.

In this sense, they recalled that “during the summer and Christmas of last year, several Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP) they had serious coverage problems and improvised measures were applied with last-minute shift changes or they had to continue working beyond the end of shifts, with the consequent difficulty in reconciling personal and family life”.

In this regard, the SMM claims rresponsibilities to the management of the Emergency Clinical Management Units of the district, “who must be a graduate of category A1, who in our case and for consistency, must be a family doctor”. But, nevertheless, “the SUAPs continue without direction in any of the two Clinical Management Units (UGC) to which they are attached, and, the worst thing, is that after more than a year they continue without being summoned due to an evident neglect of the management”, has criticized.

Given this, the union reproaches that the organization is being left in the hands of staff “without appointment of any kindand with a category not in accordance with that required for management”. Thus, “we are not only faced with an imbalance in staffing in the different referral centers of our primary care emergencies, but we are also witnessing poor management due to part of the district management”, they have lamented.

The Málaga Medical Union (SMM) therefore requests “urgent solutions to this problem and that immediately convene the addresses of the two Emergency UGCs, as well as making provisional appointments for them, obviously with the corresponding category”.

Alert of the closure of some health centers

In this context, the Medical Union of Malaga has already warned of the closure of some health centers in the Costa del Sol district during the afternoon session, giving as examples the centers of Los Boliches, Fuengirola Oeste, La Lobilla or La Carihuela, “while the rest will remain open until 8:00 p.m.”.

In this regard, they criticize that the criteria that have been followed to determine this functional organization “It is being very unclear and leaves many doubts about it.” Specifically, the centers that remain closed, “it seems that they should send their doctors to the closest one that has a SUAP in the afternoons so that they can attend to the users there.”

Thus, the union wonders “which users should our colleagues attend to, those who belong only to their reference health centers?” He also wants to know if “they will go in concept of ordinary working day, continuity of care or complementary working day“and” who or who will manage their agendas so that the pact currently in force is fulfilled.

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