The Mett chain Hotel & Beach Resort has bet on the city of Estepona and plans to open a five-star hotel on the beachfront, as well as it will offer a varied gastronomic offer with four restaurants, as announced this Wednesday by the mayor, José María García Urbano.

The councilor has stood out in the presentation of the hotel project, in which he has been accompanied by the SEO and founding partner of the company, Antonio González, and the senior advisor or public relations, Jaime Buxó, that the Consistory will give all the facilities to develop the initiative.

Specifically, the future five stars will be managed by Sunset Hospitality Group, to which the Mett brand belongs, which has leased the old Iberostar hotel to the owner and property manager Mazabi, to launch the hotel project with “An investment of 15 million euros” for “the transformation of a hotel”, has detailed the first mayor.

García Urbano has indicated that the project brings with it “job creation and wealth”, As well as“ the projection of the Estepona brand ”, for which it has grateful to investors for their commitment to the municipality Costa del Sol.

On the plot, the mayor has pointed out that it is “perfectly located in the city on the beachfront “, being “a great tourist enclave with good access and good connections to the highway, while clarifying that “with the administrative processing you have the greatest speed up.”

The councilor highlighted that “the hotel will go from 4 to 5 stars because in quality luxury Estepona takes an even greater leap forward”, as well as emphasizing that “a new market niche is looming “ for the Costa del Sol city, where it has been convinced that the new hotel brand will attract a “High quality tourism, very high level and great spending capacity”.

For its part, the SEO has indicated that the company is “very excited to land in Estepona”, whose reform works of the resort luxury has assured that “they are already underway” and they are expected to end “before the high season”, so the expectation of the tourist chain is to open the five stars “in July 2022”.

As specified by the representative of the hotel company “the Mett brand is an evolving concept “ from the restaurant and beach club experience, which “is focused on a tourist experience with a contemporary lifestyle; so the hotel is expected to be “a kind of social center” that will offer a varied gastronomic proposal with “4 restaurants” Aimed at also a “clientele from Estepona and Marbella”.

In addition, the five-star project includes the reform of the more than 225 rooms with which the previous Iberostar and 28 exclusive suites had, projecting “a renovation of qualities and decoration ”, as well as it will offer “SPA or gym”. Regarding the staff of the previous tourist establishment, González has indicated that “the staff will be maintained and expanded”.

The senior advisor of the group has indicated that the chain has chosen the city of Estepona after assess various destinations in the Mediterranean, highlighting that “the first steps are very positive and we feel very welcome. Thus, the representative of the company has ensured that “everything we are receiving exceeds our expectations in terms of location or future as it is a area of ​​greatest progress in the tourism sector of the Costa del Sol”.

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