The Mijas Food Bank received a shipment today ten tons of food from the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund, being a service that is currentlytends to 83 families of the municipalityas announced on Tuesday by the Councilor for Social Services, Hipólito Zapico.

The mayor has highlighted “the request for food has been reduced by seven tons compared to the last time, this is due to the fact that the demand is falling”, while specifying that “this decrease is taking place both in the food bank as in the money cards”.

Zapico has pointed out that “it they have loaded 10 tons of food to continue with this service that we launched as a result of the pandemic”, which in the Currently serving 83 families in Mijas and about 100 so far this year.

Thus, it has been assessed as positive the registered decrease in the demand data, and that “supports the employment plans and economic policies that from this City Council we are starting up to reactivate the local economy after two very complicated years”.

It should be remembered that the Mijas Food Bank, created by the City Council and managed by the Red Cross, attends to users who are derived from Social Services and that they have their corresponding prior social report and study of the labor economic situation, “which ensures that” donations reach people who really need it”, he added.

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