The mayor of mijasJosele González, has reported the acquisition of four new vehicles Hybrid SUVs for the Local Police, which will allow access to “complicated areas such as scattered or rural areas.” Is about Toyota RAV4 modelswhich come to replace the old units, being “more sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles that come to add to the 12 that we already presented in July, thus renewing the entire Local Police fleet”, according to what he pointed out. the alderman

González has valued “the important effort we have made during this mandate so that our agents have the best means at your fingertipsbecause they have a very important mission, which is to ensure the safety of families from Mijas, and that is why we should not skimp on resources”, emphasizing that the new vehicles will allow the access to “more complicated areas such as scattered or rural”.

For his part, the Chief Intendant of the Mijas Local Police, Juan Manuel Rosas, stressed that these new cars “arrive equipped with the latest technology. they are SUVs very necessary given the orography of Mijaswith an area of ​​a lot of mountains and rivers”, with which “we can access points that with another type of vehicle would be very difficult”.

In addition, these 4×4 traction vehicles have “cameras with images encrypted imageswatermark and slightly different lettering taking advantage of the design of this vehicle”, adds Alejandro Molina, from Condisa Transformaciones del Sur, the company responsible for the renovation of Mijas Local Police vehicles.

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