The People’s Party (PP) of Mijas regretted this thursday the lack of a beach stabilization plan in the municipal area after the effects of the last storm that occurred this week, and bets on the use of its own resources for the improvement of the coastline with the groyne constructionas Councilman Mario Bravo highlighted this Thursday.

Thus, the training has recalled that when he governed the municipality “reserved 80,000 euros to carry out the beach stabilization project at the end of 2015, I did not count on the uselessness of those who came later, who refused to do it”, alluding to the coalition government of PSOE and Cs.

“Six years later, they spend much more each year doing botches that are not good for much, specifically 280,000 euros this year 2022”, Bravo criticized, pointing out that on the coast “there are unremoved materials, very dangerous missing stairs, and the worst, the terrace of the Almirante building continues to sink”.

The mayor recalled that last Friday, April 1, “the PSOE together with the group of councilors that supports them (Cs), approved spending 80 million euros on other things, but in this project did not designate a single penny”.

For the popular “time to give excuses and throwing the ball to other administrations is over” and “it is time to deal with the real problems of Mijas”, has valued the popular.

In this sense, Bravo has stressed the need to develop “a beach stabilization planbuilding groynes or semi-submerged reefs”. In addition, he has highlighted that “you cannot continue dilating more in time or waiting for other administrations to do it when Mijas has financial resources to face it and avoid further damage to the image, which after the storm presents a more than improvable state of its beaches”.

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